Return & Refund Help

Returnable Items

All original paintings and drawings listed in our ORIGINALS product page are returnable if they fulfilled all the requirements of our "Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy". Please learn more about this policy in our "Terms of Sales".

The original painting or drawing is not eligible for return if

  • It was purchased offline or custom order via email.
  • It was picked up from our studio, not delivery through shipping carrier.

  • We are not contacted within 24 hours of receipt based on delivery tracking record.

  • You proceed your return without obtaining our acknowledgement notice.

  • It arrived in our studio more than 12 business days after date of delivery.
  • It is not in its original conditions, arrived damaged, or is missing parts.

  • You refuse to responsible for return and original shipping and handling fee.

  • It is not shipped back to us without tracking number.

Non-returnable Items

Sales of items listed below are final and not returnable or exchangeable: 

  • Any commission work

  • Any custom order.

  • Any reproduction and merchandise.

  • Any purchase that is damaged or lost in transit.

  • Any original work that is not eligible for our "Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy".


We don’t handle exchanges at this moment; but, we are standby to work with you in processing a return and/or refund of any qualified original works. When the refund is processed, you may place a new order for an alternative work. We do not provide return or exchanges for reproduction, merchandise, custom order and commission work.

Incorrect or Missing Item

All orders gone through strict quality assurance before dispatch; however, if you receive incorrect item or missing item, please follow steps below to issue a report within 24 hours of receiving your package based on tracking record.

  1. Take clear picture(s) of every items you received the package.
  2. Email to with subject title as "Incorrect or Missing Items" following by your "Order Number".
  3. In the email, write down the title of the incorrect or missing item based on the invoice.
  4. Attach the picture(s) you took into the email.
  5. Send the email and wait for our response. We will reply you asap.
  6. We will investigate and take full responsibility for the issue.

How To Return An Original

If your Original fulfilled all the requirements stated in our "Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy", you can send your return  to us with these simple steps.

  1. Submit return request to sales@lavennzooi within 24 hours of receipt. Please include your order number, the title of the Original and the reason of return in the email. We will review your request and send you an acknowledgement notice for returning your Original within 24 hours of receiving your request. 

  2. Once you received our acknowledgement notice, print out the notice then pack your return immediately. Please remember to pack the return Original with the acknowledgement notice, its original packaging and other documents or materials that come with the Original, such as certificate of title.

  3. Ship the return back to us with the same shipping method it was shipped to you or higher value service. Make sure the return shipment able to arrived in our studio within 12 business days from the date of the Original delivered to you. Please remember to declare full value of the Original to protect your lost if shipment damaged or lost in transit while shipping to our studio.

  4. You must paid all the required shipping and handling fee.

  5. Email us the tracking number of return shipment once you dispatched it to UPS.

  6. An email notification will send to you when we received the return and you will receive return confirmation when we processed your return. Appropriate amount will be refunded to you after we verify the condition.

  7. Please note that there are no exceptions. You must follow these instructions in returning any qualified Original.