The Prediction of Time

The Prediction of Time


“Happiness stay in me and sadness made me who I'm today. Time is the only one who can judge what's stay forever with us and what will be gone. I like to think that all the pains, angers and disappointments happening now are temporary, no matter how intense I'm feeling them. Time will decide whether they'll be gone for good or change me to a better future self.”

Collected in the 17/18 series: The Colors In Life, Lavennz is borrowing these artworks to promote the importance of inner health and self-awareness, after her observation on the changes in the society and people surrounding her.

She saw herself as one of them who live in an outwardly-focused world, where satisfaction and happiness need to be measured by who she is and what she have, where personal achievement need to be measured by what other is doing and how other see it. Such scenario is promoting resentment on one’s living situation and a house full of clutters. Hence, Lavennz wish to inspire people take a moment just for themselves and observing all the pictures and voices appeared in their heart through looking at her works.

The painting was painted with multiple layers of oil paints and acrylic paints, embellished with beautiful metallic gold Ink on cradled wood panel, measuring 18 inches by 14 inches with 3/4 inches depth.

The painting was completed in 2018. It is sold with a white wooden floater frame and varnished with Gamvar picture varnish.

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