Lavennz Ooi
I'm Lavennz! You're about to read the story of how I become who I am today and why I'm having this mission:

To inspire and connect you to intentional and restful living thru work of art. 

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The darkest moment of my life as of today was the  day I learnt I failed all my university application.

Hopeless, shame and emptiness possessed my heart. But, these pains woke me up. 

"You never do your best for everything in your whole life!" I cried out loud in my head.

That's the biggest lesson I learnt right before I was stepping into my adulthood.

You will never get what you wish for if you never do your best for what you care.
— Lavennz Ooi



For as long as I can remember, I have this ambition stuck in my head: I don't want to live my life without making a difference to the world. 

Well, there are many possibilities we can do to serve the world. But life would be difficult if it isn't what we passionate. Don't you agree?

That's what I experienced 4 years ago when I was an engineer.

Those days were dull and purposeless even though the job was challenging. I turned into a grumpy young lady, full of complaints and resents about my unhappy job and life.

"I don't want to live like this forever." I cried in my heart everyday.

As a result, I made a big life decision in 2013. I switched my career from stable-income engineering to financial-challenging artist. And that's the best decision I've made. The change wasn't happened overnight but it's worthwhile.


Picture of me drawing in a hotel room when I was just migrated to Maine and looking for a rental apartment. Taken in 2013 September.


This painting was created as a way of grieving and saying goodbye with my grandmother, collecting the feelings of sadness, powerless and regrets. In return, it gives me the bravery and clarity of how to live the rest of my life.

"Goodbye for the Next Hello", 18x18" oil on cotton 2016




In May of 2016, my beloved grandma passed away, 8000 miles from where I was.

I wasn't able to see her one last time. I missed her funeral. It's was hard to get over the pain of losing her and the regret for not spending more time with her.

Raised her eight kids alone, she's still keeping them as her priority even in her 80s. That's how she lived. Not a single moment was for herself. It's made me wonder if her life wasn't content and complete.

Then, the same question strike back to myself. "Will I see my life content and happy in my death bed?"

I want my answer is 'yes'.

I'd rather had a tough but content journey than leaving the world resentful and regret.

I believe as long as I did my best for everything I believe, I care and I love, my life will be complete and purposeful.


Thereby, I found my purpose.

I'm aspire to bring you inspiration of intentional and restful living thru work of art. 

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I want to

✽ inspire you be your best,

✽ nurture your passion,

✽ support your dream life.

For one reason, I wish you live your life to the fullest without regrets in the very end.


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