Three Reasons I Created These Arts

Everything we do has a purpose to serve. It’s either we know it or we didn’t aware of it.
— Lavennz Ooi

I wonder when it started, where part of me is ambitious about providing something to the world. I'm not aiming something huge and significant but it could be a tiny influence that help the world, or not, some people, with hope for giving them certain positivities.

1. Learning from history

When I walked around the museum, I couldn't help but wondering what are the purpose of these master artists in creating these impressive artworks. I guess some of them never expected their works can be such influential in the art history and world cultures. Thence, I aspire to become someone like them, not just making art but making something important and influential for the world and future.

The philosophy of my works is about appreciating every moment of our life by doing our best for what we can do and take every opportunity that we care.
— Lavennz Ooi

2. Learning from misery

Why is this my philosophy? It's a long story went back to my student life. I never did my best in study and easily sidetracked by unimportant or uncontrollable affairs. As a result, I couldn't get into any of my ideal universities. I still remember the pain from the emptiness and hopeless I felt when I learnt that none of these schools want me.

Since then, I awoke and did my max for things I took to heart. I applied to another university, earned a bachelor degree, used my best effort to get a job and earning my living. And, these are just part of the history. The most important benefit I gained from this lesson is I discovered and I maintained my lifetime passion - making art.

I took every opportunity I had to practice and making art. I painted whenever I had time, even the evening after an exhausted day in my workplace. The effort I put in my art improved my skills and constructed a trust between my art and my family. They begun to believe in what I do; especially my husband who supports me by taking up the responsible of household expenses and allowing me concentrating building my art business in full time.

"Goodbye", to my grandmother who passed away in May 2016, 18"x18" Oil on Cotton.

"Goodbye", to my grandmother who passed away in May 2016, 18"x18" Oil on Cotton.


3. Reflection after loosing my grandma

When my grandmother passed away in last May, I questioned about whether she was or she wasn't happy with her whole life. My grandmother was a strong woman. She had a difficult life and had to feed her 8 kids alone since my grandfather passed away when my mother was just 5 years old. Though she's tough, I could sense that her life wasn't content and could be unfulfilling. Then, the same question get back to myself.

"Will I see my life as a fruitful, happy and purposeful life in my death bed?"

I think my answer is yes. Whether if my vision of success comes real, I have do my best in the journey and there shouldn't be any regret in the end. As long as I keep on doing what I care, what I believe and what I love, my life is purposeful and full.

The Conclusion

Therefore, my mission as an artist is to convey my philosophy thru my works, to celebrate the preciousness of life and to inspire people living their life to the fullest with no regret. I am communicating with people visually, to inspire them discovering their purpose of life, to motivate them live the life they believe,  to encourage them do their best for what they care and to remind them appreciate every moment in their life; because, life is precious and we only have it once. I want every people who see my works have a fruitful life and no regret in the very end.


Thank you for reading. Have a beautiful day!!

With Gratitude,
Lavennz Ooi