Is it hard for you to express your love?

On the very special days, you wanted to show your appreciations and gratitudes to your loved ones; yet, you heart was pumping too fast, your face and ears turned hot red but not a single word came out from your mouth as perfect as your mind conceived.

Maybe another more specific situation on a romantic night or your anniversary. The love of your life asked you what do you love about him/her, you love him/her deeply and madly; yet, you couldn't find the best words to express your passionate feelings for him/her?

Sounds familiar?

I'm a woman and I'm a sensible person; yet, I faced the same situation as you had. It's not easy for me to speak out my feelings because I am shy and I gibberish when I got emotional. Then, I found an alternative way.

I drew a portrait of my husband in 2014. I used buildings and golden paper planes as the metaphors for my feelings for him. The buildings represent the city we met and the golden paper planes stand as the power he gave to me in moving forward and flying with my dreams. When I finished the drawing, inspiration just flow into my head; and, I was able to write a short paragraph of my love for him.