Sketch With Me Ep.02

Hey there, welcome back to my blog. Today's blog is about the second episode of 'Sketch With Me' series. I'm going into simpler sketching with inks over pencil outlines.

I did three sketches here and all are cute little cats. I've always love cats, but sadly, I don't have cat now; but I'll get one someday. Most probably. And a dog. Just hope they'll get along well.


The first sketch was inspired by the season of fall, when the weather's getting chilly, leaves are falling and this cat is finding a cozy place to take his afternoon nap.

I know, there're lots of leaves to draw but it didn't take a lot of time to do it. Trust me. All the sketches in this video were completed within, more or less, 30 minutes only.


The second cat is my favorite Hayao Miyazaki's cat, the strange cat that appeared in Whispers of The Heart animation movie. I don't know why but I got attracted to this cat. He is big and round, know how to ride a train, always have a confident look of his face, He has several people feeding him food but he belong to none of them. I just love this cute yet arrogant cat; so I sketch him for this video, instead of sitting in the train, he's now sitting on a wooden stool.


In the third sketch, I want to infuse some halloween mood in the drawing. I chose to draw this black cat, even though it's actually a brown cat since I was using a brown brush pen. The drawing was a little too simple; so I added some flowers and leaves around the cat. I suppose pumpkin would be a better choice but I went with flowers instead.

So that's all the three cat sketches I've done. I hope you enjoy the video and the drawings. Thank you so much for reading to the bottom. If you like this video, please subscribe to my youtube channel. I have more interesting videos coming right up. In the same time, you can also comment down below, tell me what do you want to see me create next. Hear from you soon!

With love & gratitude,