I missed reunion with my family!!

I moved to Maine in September 2013 and I had missed reunion with my family to celebrate Chinese New Year, for six years.

I wish I'm rich enough that I could jump on the flight to Malaysia anytime I want, even though it takes at least 24 hours plus transit time to arrive at the destination. It usually costs between a thousand to two depends on the season and airline promotion. With the unpredictable winter weather and high chance of flight cancel or delay, I have been avoiding flying home to celebrate Chinese New Year that fall in between mid January to early February every year.

When I was a kid, Chinese New Year is the biggest holiday and happiest festival I celebrated. After the annual year-end seven weeks holiday, school started in January is always a sad story to me but knowing Chinese New Year is just around the corner, it kept a smile in my heart.

Why I love this festival so much?

Because I love our big family reunion lunch that I always had my stomach over-filled. I could indulge myself in mount-watering delicious snacks that you only get in this holiday, chill and have fun all day long with games and holiday specialty tv programs. I received red packet filled with money from my parents and relatives, playing fireworks, watching lion dance, and not to mention no school and no homework for at least a week. That's paradise for a kid, isn't it?

As I growing up, the joy of celebrating the festival slowly fading away but the idea of this tradition has been rooted in my heart. It is the precious moment to gather with my family as a whole, especially me and my brothers moved to other states for work or further study. But, ever since I migrated to Maine, I lost the reason to celebrate this once my most anticipated tradition.

(Yea, I know, I should make plan for next year but I couldn't make it too due to other reason and circumstances.)

Overwhelming by the nostalgia memories and painful regrets, I translated my feelings on this painting: 第六个错过 (Dì Liù Gè Cuò Guò), which mean The Sixth Missed, marking 2019 as the sixth years I didn't reunion with my family for the celebration. If you know anything about Chinese zodiac, you'll know each year is related to one animal sign and 2019 is pig year. This is why I have the girl holding a piglet in the arms.

第六个错过 (Dì Liù Gè Cuò Guò / The Sixth Missed )
Oil, Ink & Coffee on Xuan Paper
16" x 20", 2019


I'll be keeping the original painting to myself at the moment, because of the deep meaning it has to me, but I'm releasing the Giclee prints since I received a few requests after I shared the painting on social media. I would love to make 1:1 ratio print but the fine art printer I own can only make size up to 13" wide. I could use other printers but I tried the locals and some of the online printers but their result weren't not up to my preference. This is why I invested my own printer to make my own print. I want to make sure the reproduction is as closed as to the original painting.

Interested to buy the print? You can grab it in my online store here.

Thank you for being patient with my long speech. I hope you enjoy learning what inspired me to create this painting. You can checkout my Instagram: @lavennzooi for the progress pictures and short videos.

Have a blessed day!