Life is The Echo of Our Actions

回音  huiyin / echo  oil, acrylic & ink on wood, 2018

Don't you agree that,

Life is like this: no matter what have you said or what have you done, it rewards you with the same thing.

In other words, KARMA.


I came across this short story in a website a month before I created this painting.

A father was traveling in the valley with his son.

The son accidentally fell and injured himself. "Ah...." he screamed.

He heard a scream from the valley: "Ah...."

He was shocked and curious, and he asked: "who are you?"

"Who are you?" The same voice came back.

He screamed angrily: "Coward!"

The valley replied: "Coward!"

He turned back to ask his father: "Who is that?"

The father smiled and said: "Kiddo, pay attention to what I say."

Then the father shouted at the valley: "You are awesome!"

The valley replied: "You are awesome!"

The son was very surprised, but he couldn't understand why.

His father explained: "This is echo!"

This story is telling us a simple and basic philosophy: You get what you gave.

And, that's life. 

Life is the echo of our own actions.

回音  huiyin / echo  oil, acrylic & ink on wood, 2018

huiyin / echo
oil, acrylic & ink on wood, 2018



If you want to have more love, you must fill your heart full of love.

If you want to be smarter, you must have the willingness to learn.

If you want to be free and happy, you must keep your heart open and positive.

If you want to live in your dream, you must work hard and smart toward your dream.

If you want other people to like you, you must love yourself and those people too.

Life is simply repaying us with what we have did, no more or less. At any stage of life we're living in, either when we were young and innocent; or, when our hairs are greyed and skins are wrinkled, life will always reward us with what we have paid.

Hence, I hope this story and this painting could inspired you to take the right action for what you desire and life will rewards you with what you gave. Let's start from this moment!