Every Joy and Tear Will Disappear Eventually

 First layer of painting - underpainting, painted with acrylic paint for its quick drying benefit. 
No joy stay forever, no tear last forever.


I was greatly inspired in when I came across an illustrated article with similar meanings as the sentence above in an afternoon. Without second thought,  I draw quite a few thumbnail sketches in my sketchbook, and finally settle on this one.

 Thumbnail sketch,  concept sketch for new painting idea by Lavennz Ooi


I've been thinking of quitting this painting for a few time throughout the process because the style is fairy different from my previous works; nonetheless, I finished it up in the end. After several 'plastic surgery' and refining, the finished painting manage to stay a little coherent with my other works. What do you think?

 "无恒" - not constant, wu herng, oil and acrylic painting on wood panel, 2018, Lavennz Ooi


wu herng / wú héng
which mean not constant, not forever

14 x 18 inches, Oil & Acrylic on Wood, 2018
 "无恒" - not constant, wu herng, oil and acrylic painting on wood panel, 2018, Lavennz Ooi


She looks like a child, but you see an adult through her eyes. There's a pair of hands with red painted fingernails, holding her shoulder tightly, adding pressure on her tiny body. However, she kept a poker face, carrying two porcelain masks in her hands, mysterious flowers blooming in her heart, forming an obvious contradistinction with the broken masks.

 Surreal oil painting, emoji mask, oil and acrylic painting on wood panel by Lavennz Ooi
 Surreal oil painting, emoji mask, oil and acrylic painting on wood panel by Lavennz Ooi


The concept of this painting is straightforward, simple yet it's truth. Let's remembering one thing that was very important to you in the past, be it the happiest or the saddest, it's best that it's happened in last decade. Ask your present self, is it still as important as ten years ago?



Honestly, it's not important anymore. It has vanished as time passes by. What left with you are its impression, just a memory. All the laughs or tears it once gave you are past tense, even if you still have deep feeling when thinking about it, it'll never and shouldn't affect your present life.



The intention of this painting is to remind you, no matter how bad is the situation you're having now, do not think it's the end of the world. It'll disappear eventually, be brave to bear it, give time some time, you'll get better.



I wish I had deliver the meaning of this painting to you successfully. In the end, no matter if you like the painting or not, or if you want to collect it, I just want you to sense the positive vibes it's carrying. This is my utmost mission of making art.



Thanks for reading till the bottom. If you'd like to collect this painting or giclee print, you can order it at my online shop.


with love & gratitude