Stay Inspired In Gloomy Winter

 how to get rid of winter blue, new year blue

Hey there, how're your first few weeks of 2018 been? I hope they were great; and however they were, we still have hundred of days in 2018 to make things right. Let's keep the new year spirit up and rule our life with confident.

I changed a tiny bit of my routine to get use with the gloomy winter. Even though winter is my favorite season, the weather and grey day sometimes beated my motivation. I felt more like crawling under blanket with a book than working in my cold studio.

 New Idea for New Year 2018
 how to get rid of winter blue, new year blue

1. Leisure Before Working

So I added a 30 minutes leisure session before painting: watch an inspiring slow movie or show, for warming up and set myself in good mood. Such as Kamome Diner and Little Forest, both are healing, calming and slow film.

2. Clearing My Mind

If I don't feel like watching movie, I'll take a quiet moment to look out from the window or balcony. With all the naked trees, you can easily find all kinds of birds resting on the branches, especially when it's snowing or raining. Rarely but I did take a walk outside when I was really frustrated or stress about my work.

 how to get rid of winter blue, new year blue

3. Set The Ambient

Scented candle or essential oil is an important thing in winter. When everywhere smells good, your mood get better and your day feels great. So the first thing I do when I get into my studio is to light up the candle. It has becoming a trigger to remind me of start working. If I was distracted to something else when painting, the scent could be another trigger to remind me stay focus too.

 how to get rid of winter blue, new year blue, drip coffee, brown sugar
 Korvapuusti, Finnish Cinnamon Rolls

4. Get Your Fuel

Though this is a daily must, but I still want to mention it here. Take a cup of coffee or tea before or during working in the studio is another way for warming up my productivity. After I lighten the candle, I'll make my coffee or tea, maybe take a few sips while enjoying the window view for a minute before waving my brushes.

5. Bake Some Sweet Buns

This might not be a good idea if you don't like baking, or don't have sweet tooth, or you're on diet. But baking is my new hobby lately, and I've been obsessed with the chemistry between flour, water and yeast. Once or twice a week, I'll bake bread or buns, so I could have a sweet bite with my coffee or tea when taking a break from painting, also ease up my easy-hungry winter stomach.

 Mysterious Hands on Girl Portrait Drawing
 Watercolor Graphite Children Portrait Drawing

With helps of these four steps, my new year started magically inspired. I have quite a few of ideas waiting to translate onto paintings and some are really weird but interesting. And this the first drawing of 2018 is actually the one I love the most, the composition and the concept.

Here's a new video of drawing process. Enjoy!

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Thanks for reading and watching! I'll catch you in the next blog.

with love & positive vibe