Easy Steps To Transfer and Seal Drawing Onto Wood Panel for Oil Painting

Hey there, I'm giving you a quiet video that's showing how to transfer drawing or sketch onto wood panel for oil painting.  I'm also sharing what I use to seal the transferred drawing and prime the wood panel, while keeping the drawing and wood grain visible.

Materials for Transfer Drawing / Sketch:

  • Artist Masking Tape
  • Mona Lisa Graphite Transfer Paper
  • 2H Graphite Lead
  • Mechanical Pencils

Materials for Priming Wood Panel:

  • Foam Brush
  • Golden Matte Medium
  • 3M 400 Grit Sandpaper

Useful Tips For Transfer Drawing:

While tracing the drawing, you don't have to press down the pencil or pen hardly if your transfer paper is new or still-new. I try to keep the transferred lines thin and light, so it won't smeared when applying medium as sealer.

Remember to apply masking tape on one side of your drawing printout to fix its position on the panel. You don't want it to move while you're tracing.

Check the tracing result occasionally while tracing to make sure all the lines are transferred properly.

Use any hard pencil or pen for tracing. I prefer hard pencil like H, 2H or 3H.

Useful Tips For Sealing Drawing:

I use Golden Matte Medium, which dried to transparent, to seal and keep my drawing visible; in the same time, it acts as primer to prevent absorption of paints by the wood panel.

Don't dilute the medium when applying. It may smudge your drawing. Just be patient, move your foam brush light and quick, to coat the surface evenly before the acrylic medium dry. 

For smooth painting surface, it's essential to sand the panel when the medium dried. I did it for every coat of medium applied.

That's all for today. I hope you find it helpful.

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