Sketch With Me Ep.01

Hey there, welcome to the first episode of SKETCH WITH ME series.

I've been wanting to do 'Sketch With Me' video since I started my youtube channel in last June. Sketching without anything planned on my mind is stress-free and always give me a surprise in the end.  The whole process feel like a live streaming because I started the draft until finishing in front of the camera, all in one session. I guess this is a good way to 'practice' live streaming before I actually host any.

How do I came up with this idea spontaneously? Well, it's not really a spontaneous idea. I've been having this image on mind since I first working in a department store more than 10 years ago.

It was the holiday season. The store was flooded with people ready to give you cash and grab home their favorite clothes. I stand and walked almost 10 hours around the huge store, because I need to go forth and back between my area and the storage room, finding a new piece of shirt the customer requested. Nobody want to buy a piece that had been tried so many times by others.

My feet was sore till like they aren't mine, especially when I was standing still. I felt there are roots coming out from the bottom of my feet, crawling through the tiles into the ground (technically, it's at third floor, it would be crawling into the ceiling of second floor to be actual.)

And, this is where the idea came from.

While sketch-painting, I have a feeling of adding some blooms and green grass around the legs and feet. It brings the meaning of a Chinese proverb:


If you planted flower, you get flower.
If you planted grass, you get grass.

The simple sketch becoming a greater message. If you want to get something, you need to do something for it. It's all about the roots. As long as you do your best in the foundation, you'll get the desired outcome eventually. Profound wisdom, isn't it?

swm 1c.jpg

I did this sketch on Moleskine Watercolor sketchbook with my old watercolor palette and highlighted with Golden Titanium Buff fluid acrylic for highlight. I used Prismacolor Fine Line marker in brown 0.5 to enhance the roots and a few outlines. I used various small sizes watercolor brushes but most of the time, I used my Pentel Aquash water brush, which I always bring it with my traveler's notebook as my go-to outdoor sketching set.

The process video of this sketch also available in longer version at about 20 minutes. I plan to keep it for my soon-to-launch patreon. If everything went smoothly, it should be up in October. Join my mailing list here if you want to get notification when my patreon page is ready.

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With love & gratitude,