What do you see, love or toxic?

Art, Video & Words by Lavennz Ooi
Music in video by Direct Music


Welcome back to my blog if you're a returned reader! If you're new, I'm so glad you're joining us now. I'm thrill to have this opportunity to talk about my art and my view of life with you. Hopefully, they will inspired you and brighten up your day.

Today, we're going to have some art talk. It's about my latest painting, titled as 'Reflection'.

I started sketching out the concept in 2013 right before I migrated to Maine. Since then, I had made a few drawings and one painting in 2014. But, I don't like any of them.

Just a month and a half ago, I unintentionally re-discovered my curiosity toward that concept when I looked at the old painting that was abandoned in the corner of my studio. What I saw from the painting was a completely opposite meaning to my initial idea in 2014.

I realized the composition of a man's hand around the woman has two or more meanings. It's depend on what you're thinking and experiencing. It's a REFLECTION of your subconscious. More accurately, it's a reflection of your relationship.

I saw the painting as constrained and powerless in 2014. The reason is personal and it was a direct reflection of my minor depression (not  professionally diagnosed though).


I strongly believe it's a result of my major change of lifestyle, from working professional to a full time artist, from seeing tens to hundred of faces a day to isolated myself in my apartment and studio at least eight hours a day. I was unhappy and I saw the painting as weak and breathless at that time.

But, now, I've got used to this lifestyle. I've found my purpose and confidence. I saw the painting differently. I saw love, support and protection. 

Out of curiosity and perfectionist in me, I had to explore the concept again. I recreated the painting to bring out the greater meaning behind this idea. Rather than saying this is a painting, I'm thinking it as a mind mirror.

It's a mirror that's telling you the story in your mind, about your relationship with someone you're close to. The hand around the neck could be a metaphor of love and support; in the same time, it could bring the meaning of strangle and powerless.

And here's a video of the making of "Reflection". Enjoy.

Thank you so much for reading and watching.

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Lastly, shall we extend the content to the comment?

What do you see in the painting?

With love & gratitude,