Studio Clearance


I have a quick shop update for you. My tiny studio is getting more and more clutter that I need to move things around whenever I need to get things from my shelves or storage (a tiny closet where half of the space is used by water tank).

So, I'm in a half-private-half-work project to declustter my studio and probably a small makeover with additional shelves for storage. To do so, I have to let go some of the old stuffs. That's why I'm doing this studio clearance.

The first batch of my studio clearance are some prints of my digital illustration that're done in 2010. I used to do a lot of digital works before I got involve with acrylic and oil. All these prints were printed in 2015 and still in the tip top condition. They're stored in dry, dark and archival storage all this time.

I'm giving a 25% off on all clearance prints. Grab one if they caught your heart. Only one or two left for each illustration.

Once the makeover is done, I might snap some photos or even filming a studio tour video for you. We'll see.

For now, let's keep in touch on my Instagram, where I update quite frequently.

With love & gratitude,