Do You Know Your Inner Child?

Photo by Nikolay Osmachko
Art, Video & Words by Lavennz Ooi


Have you heard of inner child?

This is a topic I recently discovered and curious about.

This child is the shadow of our childhood trauma, any event that gave us unhappy and painful memories. It could be from parents, siblings, friends, classmates or strangers. It doesn't have to be the unfortunate event like an abuse or abduction. Maybe a huge fight between your parents or you're bully by your classmates.

This inner child is the version of us in that painful moment. We abandoned the child in an invisible corner, because it's too painful to acknowledge the shame and the pain.

We thought we'd left the pain behind. But we aren't.

The truth is, we're repeatedly sabotaging ourselves with the same action and same thinking in most of our life events and decision. It's because we're not accepting and forgiving our younger self, the inner child. We blamed ourselves. We doubted ourselves. We don't think we deserve for love. Consequently, we became a sensitive person and have less and less toleration with any trouble or mistake we'd faced.

This is one of the reason we are in risk anxiety and depression.

  "The Inner Child'  11x14 inches, Graphite and watercolor on off white paper, 2017

"The Inner Child'
11x14 inches, Graphite and watercolor on off white paper, 2017


What I written above is based on my tiny understanding on this subject. I'm not qualified to give you any information about inner child, anxiety or depression. The reason I'm sharing this subject is because I'm related.

Maybe I'm a little overdramatic but something happened in the past that put me in shame, anger and sadness has been haunting me since it happened. It ruined my relationship with most people I met. But now, I know why. I'm sabotaging myself. I didn't aware that my subconscious always think I'm not good, I deserved to be sad and alone.

I want to get myself out of this horrible whirlpool; thus, I created this drawing. It's the beginning of my journey reconnecting with my inner child; hopefully, I'm all good in the near future and becoming a better person of who I really am.

I wish this drawing will inspire you to find your inner child as well. Go listen to your inner child's pains and story, acknowledge and forgive the child with unconditional love. By that time, you'll be more than ready to move on and welcoming a brand new life.

If you love to walk through my path of drawing my inner child, watch this video. It's not a spiritual talk, it a drawing timelapse.


Thank you so much for reading and watching.

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