3 Principles of Staying Happy


Hey there! I'm back from my three weeks off to Penang, Malaysia to visit my families.

It's been one and a half year not seeing my parents and brothers. Since I moved to Maine in September of 2013, I have only flied back once in 2015 and now the second time. I wish I can afford to fly back every year and spend more time with my parents.

I don't know how many decades left for us to be together.

I tried my best to have more quality time with them, make more happy memories and minimizing chances of unworthy and unhappy argument with them. Hence, I use these three principles of staying happy, which is also the core value of my brand, to remind myself and appreciate every moment I have with them.

Be the best of who you are;
Do the best for what you care;
Give the best to those you love.
— Lavennz Ooi

Principle 1

Be The Best of Who You Are

Be you, the genuine you. Don't be someone you think others will like, but be the one you truly are and you honestly like. Embrace your personalities, carry on your strengths and accept your weakness, only change what you don't want to be in order to become the best of who you really are. For me, I know I can do better in emotion management. I want to be a better listener and less talker, be mindful and positive, keep myself and my communication with others in a happy and harmony atmosphere.

Principle 2

Do The Best for What You Care

Do it if you care and do it with your best. This matter must be something you sincerely care about, not what everyone else are doing or what everyone else telling you to do. In those three weeks, 'hang-out' with my families are my priority. I did my best in blocking my time, making sure I have time for them, not occupied by other matters, includes my work and meetup with friends.

Principle 3

Give The Best To Those You Love

It's not about materials. It's about the unmeasurable quantity and quality of love. Treat your loved ones better than you treat the others. If you have extra time, spend with them instead of unimportant matters or people. Be there with them one-hundred-percent, not looking at your email or scrolling in the Internet while sitting with them in the same room. They should always be in the top priorities of your life, second to yourselves. For me, I am quite satisfied with my 'performance' for not getting distracted by my phone whenever I'm with family and friends. The fun fact is my parents use their phones more than me most of the time. 

These three principles are simple to understand but not so easy to commit. I have set them as part of my life's purpose in the beginning of 2017; yet, I forget to practice sometimes. Therefore, I'm writing them in my journal everyday as a reminder to mylself and infusing them in my works to share with you.

Thank you for reading and have a beautiful day!

With love & gratitude
Lavennz Ooi