Hidden Message of 'Looking Forward'

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In last August, the creative business course I was enrolled into requires us to vision the most painful and most joyful moments we encountered in the past. The reason of doing so is to define our creative purpose. When visioning these memories, I discovered two problems, which have been haunted me in the last two decades, are slowly fading away unwittingly. It's not because time washed away the pains; instead, it's because of the lesson I learnt from managing the problems:

"We couldn't control every problems we faced in our life because not all problems are our problems. When we couldn't control a problem, we certainly couldn't change it or solve it. The way to walk of from the misery is to accept the fact that we couldn't control the problem and let it go."

When I thought about those painful memories, my heart dropped to the bottom. I felt powerless, ashamed and trying to runaway from reality. I tried to fix it but end up sinking myself into the whirlpool of conflict. My involvement may gained a temporary calmness occasionally; but, the problems will comes back again because I'm just an outsider. I have no control over the root cause. I may help to put out the flame but I couldn't stop the person who set the fire.

Thus, the only way for me to walk out from the misery is to accept the fact that I have no control over the problem and let go of my urge in solving it. I should stay in my role and do what I should do with my best. The rest is up to those who owned the problems. It sounds selfish but life is short, we should spend it on things we can really do something for rather than a problem that we cannot change.

Life will be easier if we learnt to recognize matter that are not within our control and let it go.
— Lavennz Ooi

Therefore, I come to this apperception: When we are feeling helpless over a matter, we have to stop thinking about fixing it. Instead, we should step aside and ask ourself this question: Is this problem within my control? If the answer is no, then we should let it go and keep our focus on what we can control.


And, this apperception is the hidden message of 'Looking Forward'. The girl in the painting is a self reflection. The hill is what I care but it does not belong to me. I couldn't stop the owner set the hill on fire. No matter how hard I tried to put out the fire, it will come back again. Hence, I walk out from the hill of misery and go on the journey to my future, the one thing that is completely control by me.


I hope you enjoy the reading. Have a beautiful day!

With Gratitude,
Lavennz Ooi