Who is Lavennz Ooi?

Lavennz Ooi

Hello and welcome!

Thank you for interested to know a little more about me.

First question, who am I?

My name is Lavennz Ooi. I was born and grew up in Penang, Malaysia, then moved to Kuala Lumpur for study, then moved back to Penang for two years before relocating to Maine in 2013. Like many of the artists, I love creating since I can handle a pencil. Nevertheless, being a professional artist was never a thought of mine until my early twenties, when my boyfriend-now-husband awoken my lifetime passion. Out of curiosity, I am obsessed with creating something from scratch but I fancy painting the most even though there are moments where I wrote a novel, composed songs and developing recipes. The process of converting the image from my mind into a picture on surface is truthfully satisfying my inquisitive and hunger in creating.

Why I choose oil as my medium?

I had experimented various medium. The very first medium I was exposed to is watercolor. It accompany many years before I tried acrylic then switched to oil completely in the end. What I like about oil are squeezing and mixing the buttery paints, the richness of its colors, the forgiveness it allow (in making mistakes and paint over it) and the drying time because I'm slow painter.

What is my creative process like?

I usually spent an adequately time in sketching and gathering my references. Then, I will do a pencil study of the figure. Sometimes, I will do a color study just to give me a basic idea of how the painting will look like, even though the end result is very different from the study most of the time. Once I transfer my drawing onto canvas or panel, I block in the shadow with sienna or mixture of ultramarine and burnt umber. Following by are many layers of full color paintings to bring out the detail gradually. I don't really know when a painting is finish but I normally stop painting when I lost my interest in refining it.

Who were my early influencers?

To be honest, my earliest influencers are my talented peers in school and other contesters in live painting competition. They were my goals and my inspiration. Taiwanese Illustrator, Jimmy from Jimmy S.P.A is the first artist whose works I fall in love and greatly influenced the early stage of my artistic journey. Then, I learnt about pop-surrealism movement and I was motivated by many awesome female artists such as Audrey Kawasaki, Amy Sol, Stella Im Hultberg etc. Their styles brought my enthusiasm into the world of fine art and oil painting. Then, my chase after perfecting my skill lead me to the teaching of classical atelier; since then, my online teacher, Sadie Valeri, are my biggest influencer. 

Who are my current art inspirations?

Today, I find works of master artists like Jeremy Lipking, David Kassan, Istvan Sandorfi, Tetsuya Ishida and Jeremy Geddes are very inspiring.

What do I do when I'm not painting?

Taking out chores and routines, I enjoy having a cup of coffee, write in my journals, playing piano, watch a movie, read a book, take a walk in the park, a trip to small town or big city; or, learning anything that caught my mind in the Internet.

If you have any other question, feel free to comment below or shoot me an email to contact@lavennzooi.com

Thank you and have a very fine day!

With love & gratitude,