Hidden Message of 'Only You Know'

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There are numerous matters only you know but not others.

Let's start from the most basic example: your taste preference. Some of the food are well praised by some people; but, you tried it and you don't like it. These people persuading you to try that food again or teaching you a better way to eat it. So, you was convinced a little and you tried that food again. And this time, you definitely know you don't like this food and you will not going to eat it again.

These people may stop trying to convince you but some of the jerks may laugh at you. No matter what is their response, they are not you and they will never understand why you don't like that food. Only you the one know the reason. The same theory is applicable to other aspects of life but today and the most common one is our choice for future, the path we took and the dream we aspire.

Only you sense the path you belong. Only you see the dream you aspire. In the end, only you know if you are truly happy or regret.
— Lavennz Ooi

Whichever path you took, these always someone agree with you and some disagree. Those disagree don't mean they despise you decision. They just don't see what you see because they are judging from their perspective, not yours. They are not you. What you shouldn't do is to change their perspective; instead, you should work your best to reach the future you foreseen. At that time, these people may understand your decision and it's not important. What's matter is the progress you made and the genuine feelings you have when you succeed.


'Only You Know', 2017, 10x10 inches, oil & goal leaf on wood


Therefore, I'm telling you to do what you care and live the life you believe, not the false input from others and not the spontaneous decision. This choice should be made after a deep conversation with your heart and mind. I'm no expert in this field but you may read related books or blogs to learn the road in finding purpose of life. For my case, I'm lucky that I don't have to take a long journey in discovering what I truly want to do in my life. It just happened in one afternoon when I completed a painting when I was a university student. Since then, I know I want to live as an artist and provide the world a little positivity thru my works.


Here is a series of progress photos taken while I was completing 'Only You Know'. It's a small painting but I feel a lot from the girl, the stair and the overall composition. One of the amazing fact is how it indirectly helped me reflected my life while I was painting it, like a reminder of not giving up my dream just because I haven't achieve what I'm aspiring. Hope you feel the same; but if different, I would love to hear your feelings for this piece.

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Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!

With Gratitude,
Lavennz Ooi