The Feeling When You Failed And You Don't Want To Give Up

 "Icebreaking", Art of Life Wisdom by Lavennz Ooi, Healing, Mori, Frozen, Dreamy Painting.

Struggles Within Failure & Hope

The temperature is below freezing again,
when disappointment raised in her heart,
another layer of ice built atop,
mask out the warmness of light,
everything is dieing in the coldness.

But when she closed her eyes,
she sees fire dancing in the heart,
it's getting a little too warm,
she has to let the heat out.

she blows bubbles from her mouth,
made with heat of hopes,
gently melting the ice,
layers by layers,
until, she sees the light.

Once again,
she's ready to grow her tree of life.

 Lavennz Ooi, Healing Art of Life Wisdom

Painting Ice In The Winter

Happy New Year!! Wish you have a joyful, bright, healthy and happiest new year ahead.

This painting was the last finished painting of 2017. The completion of this piece actually gave me the feeling of accomplishment, that I know my 2017 was well spent.

I started this painting in October and for several reasons, it's finally completed just a week before Christmas. I'm glad it's done when there's snow and ice built up on my studio's window. Nothing is more perfect than painting in the exact scene where the work is set in.


Inspired by HIBANA: SPARKS

Recently, I watched HIBANA: SPARKS on Netflix, a Japanese TV series based on an award-winning book. I was touched and connected with the story. The up and down in life, the passion and the spirit, the reality and the challenges, everything the characters encountered moved my soul. That's exactly how I feel and what I face all the time, even though we're doing different kind of art. The characters are comedies and I'm a visual artist; yet we're chasing after the same dream: to touch the heart of audience with what we love and believe.

Even though the painting wasn't inspired by this show; yet, it sings along with the story. Every time when failure happened, we disappointed but our passions don't give up the dreams, then we fight again to breakthrough the barrier, wishing to be the one we dream to be.

 Icebreaking, Psychedelic Surreal Oil Painting by Lavennz Ooi, Healing Art of Life Wisdom

The painting was done with oil and gold ink on wood, measuring 14 by 18 inches. I'm going to frame it this week with the same white wooden floater frame I used in previous painting. Meanwhile, it's available for collect in my online shop, open edition prints are available as well.

As usual, I'm giving you the process video of 'Icebreaking'. Most of the scenes are closed up, so you'll be seeing how I building and rendering every section of her face. Enjoy!

If you have any thoughts to share with me, about this painting, about the TV show or about your life and dream, shoot me an email. But what if you're too shy to write to me, we can in touch in instagram. Write me a comment. I read each and every one.

with love & positive vibe