What do you want your life to be?

 'Her Little Paradise', new contemporary figurative oil painting by Lavennz Ooi

Do you still remember what's the first dream you had when you're young? 

I remember I have far too many dreams since I was a kid. I wanted to be a singer-songwriter, a lawyer, a teacher, a cook, a writer, a dancer and many more.

Some of them were just an idea when I was a kid because I thought it's great and because my parents said so. Some of them occupied a period of my life but I gave up because they aren't as important as I thought they're initially. But, one of them was forgotten, long ago. It wasn't a dream until I realized it is when I turned into an adult.

Yep, you guessed it. That dream is becoming an artist.

I love making art since I have memory. I'll choose paper and colored pencil over toys and games. But all the satisfaction, excitement and happiness I had when I was doodling my heart out on my parent's dining table were forgotten as I grewing up. This dream and the passion were neglected by all the distractions and challenges I faced.


A true dream may be forgotten by our mind but it’s always there in our heart, waiting for us to discover it.

I'm grateful that I rediscovered this passion right at the moment my life was heading to a different direction. If it never happened, I would be continuously doing a job I'm not interested and my life would be purposeless other than earning and spending money. And the worst thing is I'll be regret in my last breath. I'm sure about it.

That's why, I always said that I'm lucky to know what I truly want. Not everybody found what they genuinely want for their life.

My younger brother once told me he's envy of me because I know what I want to do and where I'm going. He had many passions too but none of them survive throughout his life. I never asked him whether it's because they're not his true calling or he gave them up because the challenges of reality.

This made me sad, honestly, especially what his eyes told me when we're talking.

Nothing is more awful than the feelings of lost and low self-esteem.

That's why I want to inspire every beautiful souls in discovering who they really want to be and what they really want their life to be.

I wish I can cast a spell on you so you can discover your true dream that've been buried in your heart for so long, whether it's realistic or unrealistic, I want to encourage you to find it and motivate you to make it happen.

This is what inspired me creating this painting.

 'Her Little Paradise', 14"x18" Oil, Ink & Interference Pigment Powder on Wood (2017)

'Her Little Paradise', 14"x18" Oil, Ink & Interference Pigment Powder on Wood (2017)

The idea sparked in my mind was this:

Remember where you want to go,
approaching it one step at a time;
you'll get to your own little paradise,
your dream destination
and the eternal happiness from contentment.
Don't let the challenges swallow your belief.

The painting isn't just about chasing your dream but it's depicting the unrealistic daydreaming and the dream that could be true in real life. Watch me explain the symbols of reality and fantasy of the painting in this video. As usual, you'll also walked along with me throughout the painting process.

Once you watched the video, I'd love to hear your part of story.

Do you know what you really want your life to be?

Hint: Think of the one thing you always did when you're a kid.

Whether you know it or you wish to know it, please share your story with us. It'd be so helpful for others who's reading this blog with us; and, for me in creating a greater piece of wisdom painting.

with love & positive vibe

P.s. if you interested to collect this painting or print, you can find them in my store.