How To Come Up With New Painting's Idea

 Artist Concept Sketching Sketchbook
 Artist Concept Sketching Sketchbook

Do you have this same feeling when you saw an amazing painting, you wish to know how the artist came up with this genius idea?

Not just the inspiration, but how the artist came to this decision of creating such fantastic composition on a blank white canvas.

I used to envy all my favorite artists for their talents and their creativity. I struggled to come up with new idea whenever I'm about starting a new painting, until I found this solution.

If you love making art and you're having the same trouble, you'll enjoy this sketchbook walkthrough, where I'll tell you:

  • How I came up with my painting's idea.
  • See the original concept sketches of my paintings
  • Watch me create a new concept sketch

Every paintings of mine begun from a tiny concept sketch in my sketchbook. They don't always start with an idea in mind; instead, they came gradually as I doodling around the paper with my pencil.

This method is stress-free and effective. You don't have to force yourself to come up with the perfect idea. You're just training your mind to stay creative and keep on drawing. As you sketching out your stream of consciousness, you'll eventually meet your inspiration.

Before ending this writing, I'd love to know:

What has been bothering you every time you have to start a new project, and did you found a way in overcoming the trouble?

Please tell me your story and your solution in the comment. It could be helpful for me and other beautiful souls who're reading this with us.

If you've question about my sketchbook and concept sketching, please ask me in the comment as well. I'll read and respond to your comment personally.

Thank you for reading and I'll see you in the comment, if not, in the next post.

With love & gratitude,