How Do You See Your Scars of Yesterdays?

 Fairytale Tattoo Brave Badass Bunny Rabbit Painting

It's about a year ago, when I watched a video about a tattoo artist, who is specialize in nipple tattoo for breast cancer survivors. She gave her clients not just body art but confident, repurposing their scars into medals that representing their spirit, bravery and survival. I was surprised, touched and inspired.

What I learnt from the tattoo artist?

Her kind of art is not just decoration, but it has greater value and purpose. That's what I'm standing for. It reminds me that scars are something we should proud of because we went thru the hardship and we earned the precious life lesson. It doesn't have to be leave as it is, but you can repurpose it into something that can reflect your personalities and the value you stand for.

The idea of this painting had actually imprinted in my mind but I didn't discover it until two months ago. I did a random rabbit sketch in my sketchbook, with scars and tattoos. And I knew immediately that I have to do a painting of it.

We should proud of our scars because they’re the medals we won from going thru the hardship and gaining valuable life lesson.
— Lavennz Ooi

So now, I'm presenting you the bravest rabbit, 'Gallant-bit', which mean the gallant rabbit. He survived from being hunted by a tiger. The tiger gave him two scars, one on his cheek and another one on his shoulder. He decided to dedicated tattoos on his scars to remember this horrible but proud experience.

 Fairytale Tattoo Brave Badass Bunny Rabbit Painting
 Fairytale Tattoo Brave Badass Bunny Watercolor Animal Portrait
 Fairytale Tattoo Brave Badass Bunny Watercolor Animal Portrait

He requested the famous tattoo artist in the forest to give his scars a new look. One is a heart on his cheek and one is the Chinese word of Tiger (虎) on his shoulder. These tattoos are the symbol of his new life and a courage to stay brave. They are his winning medal of resisting and surviving from hunting by the predator.

I want the story of this rabbit able to inspire you to see your past with new eyes, appreciate everything that had happened to you, happiness or pain. As we always heard, everything happened for a reason. And I believe the greater reason of all is to guide us be a better person in the future.

And here's the timelapse of the making of 'Gallant-bit'.

If you have an unhappy memory that makes your heart beat rapidly every time you think about it, I'd love to hear it. When you're brave enough to tell your story, you're brave enough to convert your scar into reward. 

Don't forget: you deserve to find the best in you and live the life you love. Let this painting remind you that no matter what've happened, the reason is always to move you toward your best self.

If you're interested to adopt this painting, go here. You can also collect it's print here.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in the next post.

With love & gratitude,