Lavennz Ooi
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Hi, I'm Lavennz. I'm a Malaysian artist living and working in Maine, USA.

I grew up moving a lot within Penang island before I went south to Kuala Lumpur for my degree study, spent a few months in Malacca, stay another three years back in Penang and finally took a 8000 miles of flight to Maine, the pine tree state I called home since fall of 2013. From then, I started doing art professionally.

The diverse background, travels and changes in the earlier years shape my view of aesthetic and deepening my belief in true happiness comes from within, which inspired me to create works that reflects simple wisdom as a way of of offering perspective and respite from the chaos of our outwardly-focused life.

My works have appeared in various group shows, in Greater Portland, Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Vancouver. Other than art, I live for coffee, early morning, grey sky, snows and rains.

10 Facts about Me

  1. I'm a second generation Malaysian Chinese, born and raised in Penang.
  2. I speak Mandarin, English, Malay, Hokkien and Cantonese.
  3. I was major in electrical and electronic engineering in university.
  4. I discovered my passion in art when I was one year from graduate.
  5. Most of my skills are self-study.
  6. I took a year of online study under renowned artist, Sadie Valeri.
  7. I migrated to Maine because of my husband's job relocation.
  8. It took me at least a day, 24 hours, to fly between Maine and Penang.
  9. I fell in love with coffee when I was around 9 years young.
  10. I was a night owl but now I woke up at 5 in the morning everyday.
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