Lavennz Ooi
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Hi, I'm Lavennz. I'm a Malaysian artist living and working in Maine, USA.

what i do?

I grew up moving a lot within Penang island,  before I went south to Kuala Lumpur for my engineering study, spent a few months in Malacca then moved back to Penang for 3 years and finally migrating 8000 miles to Maine, the vacationland I called home since fall of 2013. The diverse background and drastic changes in the earlier years shape my view of aesthetic into what you see today - combining various mediums and styles into one painting. Through the finely rendered figure in a ethereal dreamscape, my work is a form of visual storytelling interested in depicting the moments in life, often inspired by stories of all kinds: nature, people, culture and experience.

why i do?

Our life are mostly preoccupied by tasks and responsibilities, we simply don't have time to deal with what's happening on the inside. We aim to be happy by working hard on what we wish to have; but, it may not be true. As saying goes by, true happiness comes from the inside. When we're blindly working for materials and temporary pleasures, we forgot to nurture our hearts and souls; as a result, we are further away from the true happiness we always desire.

Hence, to inspire you and I be aware of our hearts and souls, I created suggestive painting to drive you exploring all the possibilities within you. When you look at them, you're looking at a mirror. It doesn't reflect what you already know on the outside. It shows you what's inside with you. Be patient, be open and be aware, of any movement in your heart. Pay attention to what they are saying. You would be surprise you have them with you all the time, perhaps they'll encourage you to explore your life from a different perspective.

My works have appeared in various group shows, in Greater Portland, Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Vancouver.

Other than art, I live for coffee, early morning, grey sky, snows and rains.