Hi, I'm Lavennz!

I’m a painter and illustrator living in Maine.

I was born and raised on a beautiful island in Penang, northwest of Malaysia. Painting started as a childhood hobby; and gradually, it turned into a way to express my thought on human nature and dilemmas of daily life through surreal female portraiture, often giving a sense of melancholy and longing.

Most of my skill was acquired through years of self-study, but my pursuit of high realism art lead me to take a year of online study on classical realism oil painting under renowned artist, Sadie Valeri. My background in classical realism and my Chinese heritage have greatly influenced my artistic development, especially my current body of work which I combined oil painting with Gongbi, Chinese fine line realist technique.

My works have appeared in various shows, in Greater Portland, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, San Diego and Vancouver. In 2018, I had my first solo show in Portland, Maine.

Other than art, I live for coffee, early mornings, grey skies and rain.