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Hi, I'm Lavennz!

A visual artist, visionary and aspiring optimist. I'm not just making arts but I'm storytelling the complicated human life.

Inspired by heartfelt experience and quirky fantasy, I'm painting the wisdom of life in a scent of whimsy and psychedelic. I see my works as a mind-bending mirror that'll push you in discovering your inner potential, inspire you to be the better person you want to be and simply reminding you to live your life in the way you love without regret in the very end.


My Story,
From east to west.


I was born in the beautiful world heritage site, Georgetown, capital city of Penang, Malaysia. Just like most of the children, I love doodling on paper since I was a kid; but, I wasn't good at it. It was always a hobby but never a dream, not until I turned into an adult.


Reconnecting with passion

Having a smart big brother as my role model, I walked on the path he took. I wasn't a top student but I tried hard to grab a seat in engineering degree after lots of applications and disappointments. When I was accepted by my university, I told myself that I must study my butt off because this wasn't an easy opportunity. I did it and my name was on the dean's list. But, I didn't sensed any happiness and satisfaction in me.

In the third year of my study, I begun to lose up my schedule. I started watercolor painting after class. It's meant for leisure but it became a game changer. My heart was aroused with satisfaction and confidence when I completed the painting. I was addicted to this feeling of accomplishment, I kept on making art and the dream of becoming an artist slowly growing in my heart.

You may think this was the moment when I decided to be a professional artist but it wasn't.


The best life changes

I have the dream but I didn't pursue it. I surrendered to the pressure of reality. After graduation, I worked in a manufacturing company. Those days were dull and purposeless even though the job was challenging. I turned into a grumpy young lady, full of complaints and resents about my unhappy job and life.

Finally, after two and a half year crying "I don't want to live like this forever" every single day, I realized I hate who I had become and I needed a change. This is when I made my big life decision. I wanted to switch my career and live the rest of my life by doing what I love, which is making art.

The transition was supposed to be a slow process but it was expedited when my husband accepted an international job relocation. With the massive migration, I switched my career from stable-income engineer to financial-challenging artist/entreprenuer. And that's the best decision I've ever made. 


Voyaging to a new life

We took more than 8000 miles of flights from Malaysia, with transitions at two international airports, to start a new life on the other side of earth, Maine. Everything was new to us. The weather, the culture, the people, the food, even the traffic (we drove on left in Malaysia). 

I have a room of our apartment as my studio. Everything was set up little by little, I became a full time artist and self-study student. While continuing building my portfolio, I extended my study to painting demonstration of living master artists and took a year of online atelier study under renowned artist, Sadie Valeri in 2014.

My learning process was long and slow, but I earned a huge improvement. It leaded me to develop my own artistic style as what you see today, in between realism and surrealism, with a scent of whimsy and enigmatic.

Lavennz Ooi, the artist sit beside her 2017 new oil paintings.

Discovery my purpose

In May of 2016, my beloved grandma passed away, 8000 miles from where I was. I wasn't able to see her one last time. I missed her funeral. She was a strong woman with a difficult life, working hard to raise her eight children alone. She put her children first before her, even when she was in her 80s. That's how she lived throughout her life. Not a single moment was for herself. It's made me wonder if her life was content and complete.

Then, the same question striked me. I want my answer is 'yes'. I'd rather had a tough but fulfilling journey than leaving the world resentful and regret. I believe as long as I did my best for everything I believe, I care and I love, my life will be complete and meaningful.

Inspired by this heartfelt experience and everything happened in the past, I found my purpose.

I want to inspire people live their life the way they love, without regret in the very end. 

Thanks for reading to the bottom. I'm thrilled and honored. I hope the story gives you a deeper understanding on my works and my intention. Feel free to message me if you want to know more about me. You can view my selected works here or collect them in my online store.




Born in Malaysia, Lavennz devoted her career from engineering to visual artist after she migrated to Maine in 2013. The drastic change of life and her cultural diverse background have influenced her view of aesthetic. She oftens juxtaposing disparate elements into one composition, searching for the most significant way in delivery the story of complicated human life, aiming to inspire her audience in finding their own stories buried in subconscious. Her works have appeared in various group shows, in Los Angeles and Vancouver, as well as the finalist of 2016 Art Kudos International Juried Exhibition. Lavennz is currently living and working in South Portland, Maine.