Lavennz Ooi

Hi, I'm Lavennz!

I'm a visual artist, eccentric thinker and fearless optimist. I don't just create art but I'm creating inspiration for people who want to live deliberately.

Inspired by heartfelt experience and quirky fantasy, I'm painting the intimate story of life with a scent of whimsy and mystery. I see my works as a mind-bending mirror, intending to inspire you discovering your inner potential, uncovering your neglected emotional needs and simply reminding you to live your life intentionally and authentically.

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My Story,
From east to west.


I was born in the beautiful world heritage site, Georgetown, capital city of Penang, Malaysia. Just like most of the children, I love doodling on paper with colored pencils since I was a kid; but, I wasn't good at it. My mother put more focus on training my Chinese calligraphy, I never receive any proper art training. So, my skills are mostly self-study.


Having a smart big brother as my role model, I was walking on the path he had and never set my mind to be a visual artist. I chose engineering in university. But, I learnt the job wasn't right for me after two and a half year working eight to five in a semiconductor company. I was waiting for the right time to switch my career but it's shortened when my husband had a job relocation to Maine.


We gone thru two biggest life changes. First, we got married. Second, we took more than 8000 miles of flights from Malaysia, with two transitions in two international airports, to start a new life on the other side of earth, Maine. Everything was new to us. The weather, the culture, the people, the food, even the traffic law (we drove on left in Malaysia). Luckily, we're adaptable to changes; in fact, we love to learn all these new things. It's the greatest inspirations and influences on my works.

Me drawing in the hotel room when i first arrived at Maine in 2013.


This migration is the beginning of my art career. I have a room of our apartment as my studio. Everything was set up little by little, I became a full time artist and self-study student. While continuing building my portfolio, I extended my study to painting demo of living master artists and took a year of online atelier study under renowned artist, Sadie Valeri in 2014.

My learning process was long and slow, but I earned a huge improvement. It leaded me to develop my own artistic style as what you see today, in between realism and surrealism, with a scent of whimsy and enigmatic.

Painting is my greatest passion and I'm also interested in playing music instrument, composing a song, writing a story and anything that involve creating. I'm now living with my husband in our tiny rental apartment next to the airport of Portland, Maine.

My Studio, 2015 ( when it was still clean and clear).




Born in Malaysia, Lavennz devoted her career from engineering to visual artist after she migrated to Maine in 2013. The drastic change of life and her cultural diverse background have influenced her view of aesthetic. She oftens juxtaposing disparate elements into one composition, searching for the most significant way in expressing the story of life. Her works have appeared in various group shows, in Los Angeles and Vancouver, as well as the finalist of 2016 Art Kudos International Juried Exhibition. Lavennz is currently living and working in South Portland, Maine.