Lavennz Ooi
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Happiness doesn’t depend on who you are or what you have. It solely relies on what you think.
— Buddha
 Maine-based Malaysian artist, Lavennz Ooi, who create simple wisdom art as a way of self-reflection and finding inner happiness in the outwardly-focused life. She strives to help people regain their inner peace and connecting to their inner happiness through work of art.

Hey, I'm Lavennz, Malaysian artist based in Maine. I'm striving to connect you to your inner self thru work of art.


I was born on Penang island, northwest state of Malaysia. I grew up moving a lot within the island before I went south to Kuala Lumpur for my degree study, spent a few months in Malacca, stay another three years back in Penang and finally took a 8000 miles of flight to Maine, the pine tree state I called home since fall of 2013.


I attempt to mix realism with abstract art, using multiple thin layers of paints to build up the delicate details while keeping the surface eggshell-smooth. Working mostly in graphite and oils with a touch of acrylic and ink, my works often centered on a finely rendered female figure floating in an ethereal dreamscape, penetrate deeply into the subconscious reverie,  giving the feel of being self-contained world.


Art has always been Lavennz’s favorite subject since her first year in school, which inspired her to draw from an early age. Regrettably, her relationship with painting was interrupted intermittently by all kinds hobbies as she’s growing up. Not until she was doing the last year of her engineering study, she reconnected with her artist’s dream. Most of her skill was gained thru years of self-study but her chase after high realism art persuaded her to take a year of online study under renowned artist, Sadie Valeri, to learn the techniques used by 19th century master artists, which has greatly influenced her artistic style.


It took me years to realize I was living a discontent and outwardly-focused life, where satisfaction and happiness are measured by who we are, what we have and how other sees us. This lifestyle brought me nothing but resentment and endless desire toward material. I begun to create paintings based on simple wisdom inspired by stories from nature, people and my personal experiences, as a way of self-reflection and raising awareness toward mindful living and self-acceptance. Hence, I strive to help you reconnecting to your inner self and reaching your inner happiness with my art. I'm not a coach nor a therapist, I'm an artist making the tool that could assist you look into your heart.


My works have appeared in various group shows, in Greater Portland, Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Vancouver. Other than art, I live for coffee, early morning, grey sky, snows and rains.

10 Facts about Me

  1. I'm a second generation Malaysian Chinese, born and raised in Penang.
  2. I speak Mandarin, English, Malay, Hokkien and Cantonese.
  3. I was major in electrical and electronic engineering in university.
  4. I re-discovered my passion for art in the same time I started working on my thesis - design an op-amp tester.
  5. I migrated to Maine because of my husband's job relocation.
  6. It took me at least a day, 24 hours, to fly between Maine and Penang.
  7. I fell in love with coffee when I was around 9 years young.
  8. I was a night owl but now I woke up at 5 in the morning everyday.
  9. I don't have a green thumb. All my plants are struggling to survive if they are not dead.
  10. I read Harry Potter and I watch Studio Ghibli's animations.
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