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Hi, I'm Lavennz, Malaysian Chinese artist living in Maine.

I'm creating paintings on wood or xuan paper that fuses traditional eastern and western mediums and techniques in order to find the differences and similarities between cultural extremes thru daily life and modern issues.

I was born on Penang island, northwest state of Malaysia. I grew up moving a lot within the island before I went south to Kuala Lumpur for my degree study, spent a few months in Malacca, stay another three years back in Penang and finally took a 8000 miles of flight to Maine, the pine tree state I called home since fall of 2013.

Art has always been my favorite subject since my first year in school, which inspired me to draw from an early age. Regrettably, my relationship with painting was interrupted intermittently by all kinds hobbies as I grew up. Not until I was doing the last year of my engineering study, I reconnected with my artist’s dream.

Most of my skill was gained thru years of self-study but my chase after high realism art persuaded me to take a year of online study under renowned artist, Sadie Valeri, to learn the techniques used by 19th century master artists, which has greatly influenced my artistic style.

In my recent works, I’m intending to make my oil paintings look like traditional Chinese art, especially the Gongbi technique (Chinese fine line realism painting). I started my painting with several acrylic washes to toned down the background before transferring drawing on top. I’ll use small brush with Chinese Ink (from grinding ink stick in water on ink stone) to outline part of the drawing, following by multiple layers of translucent oil paints to build up the delicate detail while keeping the surface eggshell smooth.

My works have appeared in various shows, in Greater Portland, Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Vancouver. In 2018, I have my first solo show in Portland, Maine. Other than art, I live for coffee, early morning, grey sky, snows and rains.

Malaysian Chinese artist, Lavennz Ooi, is introducing and appreciating the ancient Chinese culture in her contemporary Chinese art, painted with oil and Chinese ink stick.
I think my work is a mirror that could reflect our inner world, helping us to uncovering the thoughts and feelings that are hidden in our subconscious.


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