Lavennz Ooi

In her subtle surrealism paintings of figures in otherworldly scenes, Lavennz Ooi is celebrating the preciousness of life with a strong ethos towards self-love and happiness inspired by her mystical dreams and esoteric experiences.

Born in Malaysia, Lavennz devoted her career from engineering to visual artist after she relocated to Maine in 2013. The drastic change of life and her cultural diverse background have influenced her view of aesthetic. She oftens juxtaposing disparate elements into one composition, searching for the most significant way in expressing the story of life. Her works have appeared in various group shows, in Los Angeles and Vancouver, as well as the finalist of 2016 Art Kudos International Juried Exhibition. Lavennz is currently living and working in South Portland, Maine.

Journey Becoming An Artist

I love painting since I was a kid but I painted terribly. My request for attending art class was rejected because my parents worried it would distract me from schoolworks. Fortunately, I was blessed with extraordinary curiosity and determined to learn the skill by copying my favorite artworks, from cartoons to traditional paintings. This was the beginning of my artistic journey.

I never thought of being a professional artist because it isn't an ideal choice of career from the place I grew up. I chose engineering instead. Even though I don't regret of my choice; yet, I knew it wasn't my destiny. It's not a choice made of confidence and passion; instead, it was influenced by the suggestions surrounded me.

I wasn't expected to come back to painting until one afternoon in my last year study. I completed a painting out of the blue and I felt so grounded and aroused. I was too excited with the painting and showing it around my housemates and my boyfriend, who is now my husband. The encouragement I received from them gave me confidence and satisfaction; but the triggering suggestion of my husband was the key to my destiny. He thought I am a good painter and I should be an artist. It is something I never thought of and it had completely changed my life and perspective.

Since then, I had made up my mind to devote my life for art. After graduation, I worked as an engineer by day and practicing painting in my free time and weekends. I was a little stretched out between work, art and life; yet, I was really happy and aspiring. I was anticipated to be a full time artist and patiently mastering the skill of painting.

In 2013, my husband accepted a job relocation offer and I quitted my day job. We took a long haul flight from Malaysia to start a new life on the other side of the earth. The new life give me the best opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming a professional artist. I am grateful for the opportunity and striving to maintain my passion by continuing polishing my skills while making living with my art.