Lavennz Ooi
Hey I'm Lavennz!

An artist based in Southern Maine, dedicated to connect you to intentional and restful living thru work of art.

My work is praxis, intimate and surreal. It was inspired by one life and ready to inspire another life.

I like to think it as a kind of psychotherapy art, with deep but clear positive message, directing you living a meaningful and peaceful life.

Because I was once resenting my life everyday, I'm now living it the way I love, confidently and gratefully.

warm pink.jpg

Born in Malaysia, Lavennz devoted her career from engineering to visual artist after she migrated to Maine in 2013. The drastic change of life and her cultural diverse background have influenced her view of aesthetic. She oftens juxtaposing disparate elements into one composition, searching for the most significant way in expressing the story of life. Her works have appeared in various group shows, in Los Angeles and Vancouver, as well as the finalist of 2016 Art Kudos International Juried Exhibition. Lavennz is currently living and working in South Portland, Maine.