2017 - 2018
The Colors In Life

In our current outwardly-focused lifestyle, our days were occupied by responsibilities and chores . We simply don't have time to deal with the cries and protests happening on the inside. The traffic in our mind is busy and rushing. To keep everything in order, we set priority on what we believe is important, which most of the time, is pursuit of material. The ridiculous fact is: all the efforts put after materials were intended to bring us happiness. But we had neglected our heart at first! How could materials give happiness to the heart that are dying from neglect?

Hence, I created this series of work to help you 'resurrect' your 'dying' heart. Each of them are carefully composed based on simple wisdom of life, intended to act like a mirror that'll reflect what's inside of you as a way of offering perspective for living in the modern complex life. I hope they could inspire you to gain more self-awareness, self-confidence, and look at your life with positive mind.

If you're interested to purchase any of the above paintings, you can find it in inventory or work on paper. Prints also available here.